Brushed Copper Earrings with Ruby Fuchsite / 55mm length / pure copper earrings

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Brushed Copper Earrings with Ruby Fuchsite have a glossy handcut stone sanded diamond shaped pendant with a cutout centered by a large fuchsite bead. The fuchsite beads are a beautiful emerald green with some ruby inclusions. The copper pendants are a 40mm high flat diamond shape made from pure copper. They are stone polished so that they reflect light in two directions - similar to a brushed finish. If you hold them in your hand and rotate them the light reflects around the pendant ending at the corners. The earwires are matching copper hooks with a decorative ball.

Earring Length is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Earring Length: 2-1/8" or 55mm

Jewelry Components:

  • 14mm Fuchsite Round Coin Beads
  • Diamond Shaped Copper Pendants
  • Copper Hook Earwires