About Us

Who are we and What we do

StravaMax Jewelry Etc is a family-owned Canadian jewelry and jewelry supply webstore focused on innovative handcrafted jewelry and quality jewelry supplies. At StravaMax, we are committed to providing our customers with dynamic and exciting ideas and products. Our focus is on delivering a quality product and shopping experience.

Check us out on FaceBook, Twitter whether you're looking for that special jewelry item or wanting to make your own jewelry. We are always interested in your comments, items you would like to see added to our product line, services you would like us to provide, marketing, or anything specific to our industry.

StravaMax™ is a trademarked name and is the property of StravaMax Jewelry Etc. Use of this name or logo for jewelry or jewelry supplies is not permitted by anyone without our express written permission. We are solely an internet based company and have no or ever had land or affiliate stores.

Our Commitment to You...

Hassle free shopping

We are on a constant mission to organize our site in a way that you can get through it fast and get what you want. If you find dead links or don't understand how a page works let us know so we can correct any issues for you.

You can email us anytime - just let us know what you are looking for or a project you are working on and need help with. You will enjoy our personalized service and maybe we can help you decide what is best for your needs.

Accurate Item Pictures & Descriptions

We believe our store is only as good as the item descriptions and photos. We realize this is the most important feature of an online store. We want you to know what it is you are going to purchase. If an item description or picture is not as clear as you would like let us know right away and we will get you what you need.

Quality Merchandise

At StravaMax, we try to tailor our merchandise toward a discriminating buyer that is not only looking for value pricing but also needs quality.

Prompt Service

Orders placed with us are immediately sent through our system.

We do the following:

  • address check - you should receive an email containing our receipt of your funds. This will also show your shipping address as provided to us. Your shipping address is computer checked for formatting and errors.
  • inventory check- We are not drop-shippers which is good news meaning that we have everything we sell. However, it is possible that we may not have the entire quantity you are looking or are temporarily out of stock. We let you know immediately if there is any problems with your order.
  • Shipping - We ship with the next business day once we've finalized your order. You will receive email notification from us when this occurs.

Have Fun And Enjoy Your Experience

This most of all is important to us as we want you to come back.