TierraCast Jump Rings

TierraCast Plated Brass Open Jump Rings include round and oval rings in various finishes. We have round rings in 4, 5, 6 and 8mm diameters and small , medium or large oval rings. Use these for chainmail or as jump rings to attach charms to bracelets, clasps onto chain.

SHINY 4mm - 20 GA Jump Rings 5mm - 16 GA Jump Rings 6mm - 19 GA Jump Rings 8mm - 18 GA Jump Rings
Small Oval Jump Rings Medium Oval Jump Rings Large Oval Jump Rings

What is...?

Gauge - GA - AWG - this is the thickness of the wire. Most jump rings are manufactured using standard wire that is measured in gauges. We list our wire and jump rings using the AWG or American Wire Gauge system.

ID - inside diameter - measurement of the closed jump ring from inside edge to inside edge across the center.

OD - outside diameter - measurement of the closed jump ring from the outside edge to outside edge across the center.

AR - Aspect Ratio - specific to chainmail designs measures the inside diameter (ID) of the jump ring by the thickness (Gauge) of the wire or AR = ID / GA. This is a guideline measurement to determine whether a certain size jump ring will work with the weave you plan to use.