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Rainbow Serpent Earrings / 50mm length / black niobium hook earwires

Rainbow Serpent Earrings / 50mm length / black niobium hook earwires

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Flaunt your snazzy style with these rainbow reptilians. Hand sculpted from polymer clay, these snakes feature an array of fruity colors from peach to lime to blueberry to watermelon. They sidewinder down from black niobium earwires as if they're ready to strike.

Snakes symbolize transformation, rebirth, healing, and renewal. With each shedding of their skin, they grow stronger and more resilient. In Japanese folklore, snakes are associated with dragons and are viewed as protectors, as well as symbols of wisdom. In Greek mythology, snakes are associated with Asclepius, the snake god who had serpentine familiars that would heal people who slept at his shrines. This is embodied in the caduceus that is sometimes used in medical insignias, depicted as two snakes coiled around a staff.

Earring Length is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Earring Length: 2-0" or 50mm

Earring Weight: 1.75 grams each

Jewelry Components:

  • Polymer Clay Hand-Sculpted Charms
  • Jump Rings
  • TierraCast Black Niobium Hook Earwires TierraCast Niobium components are pure niobium which is a hypo-allergenic metal that is strong and yet flexible. The colors are created by refracted light, do not use paint or dye and do not negate the metal's hypo-allergenic qualities.

♥ Makes A Great Gift ♥ This jewelry comes complete with a jewelry box, organza bag, and greeting card. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

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