Frozen Rain Icicle Earrings / 130mm length / crystal and chain / sterling silver chain and earwires

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Frozen Rain Icicle Earringsare created using Swarovski crystal beads and faceted briolettes with a rainbow shine. The chain and leverback earwires are solid sterling silver. These earrings are shoulder dusters with a length of 5 inches (130mm).

Frozen droplets begin to accumulate and as the air continues to cool, icicles begin to form. In the morning sun, all around us, one sees a stunning myriad of frozen crystal droplets reflecting a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors. These earrings represent a vision of the moment before freezing rain transforms into the iconic symbol of winter: the icicle. These earrings are our tribute to frozen rain.

Earring Length is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Earring Length: 5-0" or 130mm

Jewelry Components:

  • Winter Collection
  • Swarovski Crystal Beads
  • Swarovski Crystal 6010 Briolettes
  • Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires