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Copper Fire Earrings / 45mm length / handmade hammered pure copper / geometric diamond shaped

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Copper Fire Earrings are inspired by the basic geometric diamond shape, livened up by matching cut-outs. The center cutouts lighten the earring to make them dangle more freely, but also adds some character to them, too! The diamond shape can symbolize love, harmony and peace. The earwires are matching copper hooks with a decorative ball.

These earrings are hand polished to a mirror shine and then hammered. The polished hammered texture reflects light in an amazing way. No matter what angle they're viewed from, the pendants shimmer with light - we call this effect copper fire.

Earring Length is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Earring Length: 1-5/8" or 45mm

Jewelry Components:

  • Diamond Shaped Copper Pendants
  • Copper Hook Earwires