Purple Leather Cuff Bracelet / fits up to 7 inch wrist size / embossed floral leather / gold plated cuff

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Purple Leather Cuff Bracelet with a decorative flower, petal, leaf, nature-inspired motif pattern leather strap. The cuff bracelet is brass plated with a gold finish. This bracelet is fairly stiff - the easiest way to put it on is to roll it over from the outside of your wrist - rather than trying to push in straight on. Once you've done it a few times, you will find it goes on easily.

This bracelet can fit up to a 7 Inch wrist.

Sizing your wrist:

Our bracelet size is based on the inside circumference of the bracelet. To measure your wrist wrap a cord around your wrist and measure it against a ruler.

Bracelet Weight: 0.6 ounces (17 grams)

Jewelry Components:

  • Regaliz PURPLE Embossed Floral 10mm Flat Leather Strap. This leather is sourced from the EU and is of the highest quality vegetable tanned and dyed top-grain cow leather hide.
  • Channel Cuff Bracelet - brass plated with gold finish. This cuff was sourced from Regaliz and was cast in China and plated in EU and is lead, nickel and cadmium free.