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Scary Halloween Bracelet / fits 6.5 to 7 Inch wrist size / large bat with skulls / Euro leather cord / handmade peyote stitch sliders

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ğŸŽƒ Scary Halloween Leather Bracelet 🦇 has a set of three decorative handmade black and orange halloween-themed peyote stitch sliders. The main slider has a large bat image, while the two outer sliders with the zig zag pattern perhaps resemble jagged teeth. To complete ths "scary" look, there are two silver skulls - one on each side of the bat centerpiece. Each slider is collared with black rubber rings to keep the sliders in place and add a bit of decoration. The leather cord is genuine Regaliz leather. The clasp is a magnetic gunmetal clasp.

Note: This bracelet has a magnetic clasp and should not be worn with pacemakers!!!

This bracelet fits most comfortably on a 6.5" - 7" wrist.

Sizing your wrist:

Our bracelet size is based on the inside circumference of the bracelet. To measure your wrist wrap a cord around your wrist and measure it against a ruler.

Jewelry Components:


👻 Regaliz Oval Leather Cord is genuine high quality European leather and is intended for use as a component for making leather bracelets. This cord is a 10mm x 6mm solid piece of cowhide that is colored with vegetable-based dyes. Flat on the bottom and rounded on top, the shape is reminiscent of a piece of licorice candy - the word "regaliz" means "licorice" in Spanish.

👻 8mm Rubber Rings are latex free and FDA approved - resistant to heat, light and ozone resulting in long lasting durability.

👻 Silvertone Skull Sliders were added to complement the bat centerpiece.

👻 Oval Magnetic Claspis a two piece clasp - both ends contain a magnet so when brought together they snap themselves closed and are held in place with a metal tab that slides through a slot at the top.

Peyote Stitch Sliders:

👻 made with Miyuki Delica glass seed beads

Focal Slider - bat image - 30mm width
Side Sliders - jagged teeth / zig zag - 14mm width

♥ Makes A Great Gift ♥ This jewelry comes complete with a jewelry box, organza bag, and greeting card. A perfect gift for Halloween, or other special occasion.