Fiber Optic Grey Macrame Bracelet / adjustable fits 7-0" to 8-0" wrist size

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Fiber Optic Grey Macrame Bracelet created with 10mm grey fiber optic beads and black satin cord. Fiber optic beads are beautiful beads that have a light center band that shifts based on your viewing angle, resembling a cat's eye. This bracelet slides over your wrist and you tighten it to size using the cord ends.

This bracelet fits most comfortably on a 7" to 8" wrist.

Sizing your wrist:

Our bracelet size is based on the inside circumference of the bracelet. To measure your wrist wrap a cord around your wrist and measure it against a ruler.

Jewelry Components:

  • 10mm Pink Fiber Optic Beads
  • Satin Cord