8/0 Luminous Chartreuse Color Lined Miyuki Round Seed Beads / sold in one ounce packs (approx 1100 beads)

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8/0 Miyuki Round Seed Beads are precision Japanese beads that have a smooth rounded shape as opposed to their cylindrical cousins the Delica beads. These beads are 3mm in diameter and have a 1.1mm thread hole ID.


  • Transparent: These are beads that allow light to pass through. Some transparent beads may be darker or translucent and their transparency may not be obvious unless held to a light source.

  • Color Lined: These are transparent beads with a colored or metallic lining within the thread hole.


  • 8/0 seed beads are approx. 3mm (diameter)
  • Threading hole size is approx 1.1mm diameter
  • 1 KG (1000 Grams) contains approx 39,000 beads.