YELLOW BRASS 20 Gauge Round Wire / 15 Yard Roll / Artistic Wire

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Artistic Yellow Brass Wire is tarnish-resistant and resembles gold and will retain its finish and shine.

Artistic Wire is a copper based soft tempered wire that has an enamel coating for tarnish resistance, chipping and peeling and is able to withstand wire wrapping techniques.

20 Gauge is a larger diameter wire measuring approx 0.81mm diameter. Because of the thickness, this wire can be a little tough to work with. If you are stringing beads make sure the thread hole on the bead is large enough to allow the wire through.

PLEASE NOTE: This wire cannot be used for electrical, welding or construction projects. It is for jewelry use only.

Item Specs:

  • 15 Yard Roll
  • 20 Gauge - 0.81mm
  • Soft Temper
  • Round Wire