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Cutter Tool for Regaliz Leather Cord / black plastic body / spring loaded / replaceable steel blade

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Cutter Tool for Regaliz Leather Cord makes a clean, straight, precise cut every time. Other cutting methods (craft blades, wire snips, etc.) will squish the leather down as you cut, causing an improper fit in your clasp. The cutter has a spring-loaded action - open it by squeezing the end, place your leather inside the groove, then release the blade. A slight squeeze on the blade side may be required on thicker leather. The cutter blade is removable and replacement blades can be purchased separately.

WARNING: This item has a very sharp blade and can cause serious injury. NOT for use by small children. DO NOT leave this item laying around for children to play with.

Item Specs:

  • Regaliz Cord Cutter
  • Length: approx 3 Inches (78mm)
  • Replaceable Steel Blade
  • Plastic Body
  • Made in China