Garnet Chip Beads / 16 Inch strand / 4-8mm chips / natural translucent dyed stone

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Garnet Chip Beads are 4-8mm Garnet chip beads with an irregular rounded shape. Garnet comes from the Latin word, “granatus” which means grain as garnets are generally found in granular deposits. Garnet is the birthstone for January. This bead is an India cut bead and as such is dyed to achieve the attractive color. These beads are 4-8mm stone chip beads. These beads are smooth polished beads with a silky luster.

Strands are sold as temporarily strung. Strands are approximately 16" and can vary +/- 0.5".

Item Specs:

  • Natural Stone
  • Dye enhanced
  • 4-8mm chip beads
  • Hole ID: 0.08 to 1mm