Magnetic Oval Clasp / ID 10.8 x 7mm clasp / zinc alloy with a bright silver finish / for regaliz or licorice style leather cords

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Magnetic Oval Clasp is a zinc alloy clasp with a plated finish specifically designed for use with licorice or regaliz style leather straps. This is a two piece clasp - both ends contain a magnet so when brought together they snap themselves closed and are held in place with a metal bar that slides through a slot at the top of the clasp. You can add any combination of cords to match the inside diameter of the opening. The opening inside diameter is an oval shape 10.8mm wide by 7mm high.

Magnetic clasps should not be worn with pacemakers

Item Specs:

  • Zinc Alloy (Lead and Nickel Free)
  • Length: 26.5mm
  • Width: 13mm
  • Thk: 10mm
  • ID: 10.8 x 7mm
  • made in China

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