Antique Bronze Bracelet T Bar Hook Clasp / 9.5 x 4.5mm ID / for large diameter leather cord bracelets

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Bracelet T Bar Hook Clasp is a zinc alloy clasp specifically designed for use with round leather cord bracelets. This clasp has two components - one is the T-Bar end designed to hook a bracelet loop over and a spacer ring to slide over the leather cords to create a loop. The T Bar end is approx 18mm long (parallel to the bracelet) and the bar is 23mm wide (perpendicular to the bracelet). The ring end is 8.5mm x 13.5mm and both have an inside ID of 9.5x4.5mm.

Item Specs:

  • Zinc Alloy (Lead and Nickel Free)
  • Bar Height: 18mm
  • Bar Width: 23mm
  • Bar Loop ID: 9.5mm x 4.5mm

  • Ring Height: 8.5mm
  • Ring Width: 13.5mm
  • Ring Loop ID: 9.5mm x 4.5mm