5mm BLACK SNAKE Print Stitched Suede Round Leather Cord / sold by the meter / Leather Cord USA / 1071-5MM-802S

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5mm Stitched Suede Round Cord is manufactured by Leather Cord USA using suede lace that is cut and wrapped around a solid cotton core. The cord is then machine stitched to produce a soft, supple round leather cord suitable for a wide range of uses from jewelry to garments.

This cord is manufactured in India and made from top quality suede leather lace. Leather is a natural organic material and subject to some inconsistencies such as slight variances in color or thickness. Please avoid storing near heat, direct sunlight or high moisture conditions.

The cord is cut from a larger roll and not cut to length until an order is placed so it is in one continuous piece.

Item Specs:

  • 5mm Round Stitched Cord
  • Suede Leather Lace with cotton core
  • Made in India