Collection: Italian Dolce 10mm Flat Leather Strap

Italian Dolce Leather Strap features an intense saturated dye process that creates vibrant brilliant color. This leather is sourced from the European Union and is of the highest quality vegetable tanned and dyed top-grain cow leather hide. This strap is 10mm wide and 2mm thick and is suitable for jewelry, trim, purse handles and a wide variety of other uses.

This strap is not precut but is cut from a larger roll and comes in a continuous length. Longer lengths may contain manufacturer joined sections.

Leather is a natural organic material and subject to some inconsistencies such as slight variances in color or thickness. Please avoid storing near heat, direct sunlight or high moisture conditions.

Item Specs:

  • Width: 10mm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Euro Leather