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There are quick menus (top menu bar) or you can use the Search Box to navigate our store. Most images are clickable and should lead you to a product page for any item you select. Add anything you wish to the shopping cart, including quantities for each item, as you go through. You can modify your order at any time, so don’t worry about finalizing your order until you're done.

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The Shopify cart accepts most credit cards - however we do not take PayPal. If you wish to use PayPal, please visit our satellite store on Etsy.


Canadian Customers: GST & HST will be added to the purchase price as applicable to your location. This amount will be shown in your cart summary.

International Customers: We do not charge taxes on international orders. Taxes, if applicable, will be collected by customs or the post office representing the appropriate taxing authority. Generally, taxes are the same taxes collected when making domestic purchases, with a small fee for processing.