Collection: Lantern Beads

Lantern Beads are antiqued style multi-faceted lantern-shaped fire polished glass beads (also known as cathedral beads or window pane beads) with coated ends. These beads are great for bracelets, necklaces or rosaries. Fire polished beads are machine faceted and oven or flame heated. This process makes these beads smoother with softer edging than crystal beads.

Item Specs:

  • Transparent: These are beads that allow light to pass through. Some transparent beads may be darker or translucent and their transparency may not be obvious unless held to a light source.
  • Each bead has multiple (16) facets or panes
  • 6mm beads have approx. 1.0mm thread hole
  • 8mm beads have approx. 1.5mm thread hole
  • Beads are approx. same width and length
  • Czech Glass Beads