Poppy Jasper Round Beads / natural opaque stone / smooth polished round beads

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Poppy Jasper is a reddish brown with dark grey patches or striations. These beads will bring that natural look and feel to your next jewelry project. Jasper has been used as an ornamental stone for hundreds of years and is very popular in jewelry because of its coloring and durability. These beads are smooth round beads with a polished silky luster.

4mm beads - the hole size is 0.8mm - big enough for a 24 AWG wire but may or may not fit a 20 AWG wire.

6mm beads - the hole size is 0.9mm - big enough for a 20 AWG wire but too small for an 18 AWG wire.

These beads may not be perfectly round and can range in diameter +/-0.5mm.

Strands are sold as temporarily strung. Strands are approximately 16" and can vary +/- 0.5".

Item Specs:

  • Natural Stone
  • Nominal Diameter: 4mm
    Hole ID: 0.8mm 
    16" Strand (90-100 bead count)
  • Nominal Diameter: 6mm
    Hole ID: 0.9mm 
    16" Strand (60-65 bead count)