Light Blue Silk Faceted Round Fire Polished Beads

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Light Blue Silk Beads are opaque faceted round fire-polished czech glass beads with a light powder blue with a swirl of medium blue banding near the equator of the bead. These beads are round in shape with soft multiple faceting characteristic of fire polished beads.

Fire polished beads are styled after a centuries old type of glass bead that was designed to approximate the look of cut gemstones. Fire polished beads are machine faceted and oven or flame heated. This process makes these beads smoother with softer edging than crystal beads.

Item Specs:

  • Opaque: These are beads that light won't pass through. These beads can be solid or multicolored and generally have a low to medium shine.

  • Faceted Round
  • Czech Glass Beads