Blue Apatite Triskele Earrings / 47mm length / gold filled earwires

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Blue Apatite Triskele Earrings are created with triskele charms below blue apatite coin beads. Triskele is an ancient celtic symbol and is pronounced tri- with a long i and -skele with a long e. The apatite beads are a beautiful lagoon blue with a translucent quality, meaning that diffused light can pass through the stone. These earrings are great for most day wear uses - not too fancy but still decorative.

These earrings are made with gold plated pewter charms and gold filled hook earwires.

The Triskele symbol is also known as Triskelion or simply as the Triple Spiral and is an ancient celtic symbol based on three conjoining spirals. The triskele was used in Ireland during both the pre-Celtic (as early as 3200 BC, before both Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids) and Celtic periods.

Earring Length: 1-7/8" or 47mm

Jewelry Components:

  • 12mm Blue Apatite Coin Beads
  • 19mm TierraCast Triskele Charms
  • Gold Filled Hook Ear Wires