Buddha Bracelet / 6 to 7 Inch wrist size / choose from 3 gemstone options - serpentine, sodalite or turquoise

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Buddha Bracelet is made with gemstone beads separated with ornate pewter Buddha heads and lotus puffed beads with a brass oxide finish. The bracelet is a memory wire bracelet. Memory wire bracelets are spring-like and can expand or contract to mold comfortably to the wearer and will fit almost any wrist size. Choose from a selection of Serpentine (AKA Canada Jade), Sodalite (these are a dark blue), Turquoise (Stabilized #8 Mine Nevada).

Buddha is an extremely old spiritual belief system. In Buddhism, a Buddha is any being that has become fully enlightened and has permanently overcome emotional states like anger, greed, and ignorance.

Sizing your wrist:

Our bracelet size is based on the inside circumference of the bracelet. To measure your wrist wrap a cord around your wrist and measure it against a ruler.

This bracelet fits most comfortably on a 6" to 7" wrist.

Jewelry Components:

  • 6mm & 10mm Gemstone Beads
  • TierraCast Pewter Buddha Beads
  • TierraCast Pewter Puffed Lotus Beads
  • Plated Steel Memory Wire
  • Extender Chain

♥ Makes A Great Gift ♥ This jewelry comes complete with a jewelry box, organza bag, and greeting card. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.