9x11mm Red and Gold Zipper Mini Peyote Stitch Tube Bead

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Mini Peyote Stitch Tube Beads are short beads with a horizontal zipper-like repeating pattern throughout the bead. These are two-colored beads with the colors in zig zag rows aligned horizontally front to back of the bead. These beads are 9mm long and 11mm diameter with a 4mm thread hole and a vinyl core.

Peyote Stitch Tube Beads are individually hand-stitched with Japanese Miyuki Delica seed beads. These beads have a vinyl core and can hold their shape reasonably well. Stack them together or just use one as a focal bead. These beads have a 4mm ID so you can use them on all bracelets and necklaces sized for large hole beads.

Item Specs:

  • Tube Beads
  • Length: 9mm
  • OD: 11mm
  • ID: 4mm
  • Vinyl core