6x16mm Rutile Quartz Rice Beads / 16 Inch Strand / semi-precious man-made transparent stone

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Rutile Quartz Rice Beads are man-made transparent beads with an infused brown sugar striping/ coloring. These beads are 16mm long and 6mm diameter and are thickest at the center tapering gently to the ends. Beads are drilled through the center along the long axis of the bead. These beads are smooth beads with a polished silky luster.

Rice Beads have a hole size that is approx 1.0mm - big enough for a 20 AWG wire but may be too small for an 18 AWG wire.

Strands are sold as temporarily strung. Strands are approximately 16" and can vary +/- 0.5".

Item Specs:

  • Man-made Stone
  • Smooth Rice Shaped Beads
  • Length: 16mm
  • Dimaeter: 6mm
  • Hole ID: 1mm
  • 16" Strand (approx 25 bead count)